My name is Olga Goldberger, I am a scientist with many years of research experience in the labs in Harvard Medical School. Currently I am lucky to work as a Lab Manager in MGH in the best mitochondrial lab in the world!

Arboretum Skincare is geared towards mature skin. However, some people start experiencing signs of mature skin at age 30 or even in their late twenties. It all depends on your genetics, health, and lifestyle. If you have mature skin, it is super important to choose products without emulsifiers, so that you can retain as much moisture as possible. Having a skincare routine every morning and evening should become a daily habit, just like brushing your teeth. Skincare layering should go from applying lightweight products to ending with the thicker ones. That is my golden rule!

Women (and men) of all ages can look beautiful and healthy if they take good care of their skin. Caring for your skin goes beyond your looks: it is an act of self-care, self-love. It is not simply vanity. Everyone knows that true beauty is within, but the way we look can affect our self-esteem and our feeling of self-worth. Incorporating a simple skin care routine morning and evening seems like a fun way to boost your self-esteem!

Olga’s Skin Care Tips:

Tip #1: Use the Toner twice! First, I spray it on a cotton round and wipe my face after cleansing, to make sure no cleanser is left. Then I spray it on my skin again and massage it into my face and neck. It hydrates and tones the skin, preparing it to further treatment.

Tip #2: I love mixing a bit of the Blue Hydrating mask with AgelessND cream or Ageless Boost and applying them at the same time. I leave them on my skin overnight, so my skin feels and looks hydrated in the morning!

Tip#3: If you can, wait up to 5 minutes between layering products! Let the skin absorb the layer before applying the next one. Listen to your skin! If it doesn’t absorb the product after 5 minutes, don’t put on the next one – maybe, it’s all it needs right now!

Tip#4: Give your skin a break once in a while. I suggest once every 2 weeks! Just apply an Antioxidant mask in the morning for 10 minutes, wash it off and don’t apply anything for the rest of the day! Try to avoid using makeup either. Let your skin go “hungry” for a little bit, so it will be more receptive later!

Tip#5: I love to use double-cleansing techniques in the evenings! I use the Sea Buckthorn Oil Cleanser first, massaging it into the skin with wet fingers, then washing it off. This way all oil-soluble ingredients get cleaned out. Then, I follow with a gentle Herbal Cleanser to wash out all water-soluble dirt. Now the skin is ready to be treated with a serum or a moisturizer.

Tip #6: I love putting a couple of drops of Sea Buckthorn Oil Cleanser onto my hands, and then taking a tiny bit of the Blue Hydrating mask and mixing them together, working the cuticles and rubbing the mixture into my hands. It’s important to care for your hands at night, after your face-care routine.

Tip# 7: I come from a family where food was often used to make face masks. Growing up I often saw my grandma covering her face with farmer’s cheese mixed with lemon and honey. Sometimes if I get very fresh produce from the local farmer’s market, I like to do a 10-minute mask. I mix a little bit of yogurt with a fresh strawberry and add a couple drops of lemon. I spread it on my clean face and lay down for 5-10 minutes, then wash off. I encourage you to experiment with different foods for your skin! Mash some ripe papaya and apply on your face for a few minutes, shred a little bit of organic potato and apply to your eyes to get rid of under eye bags! The skin loves unexpected natural ingredients!

Example of Nighttime routine for normal-to-dry skin:

In the evening, I like to use a double cleansing technique. First, I apply the Sea Buckthorn Oil Cleanser, massaging it over my face and neck. It removes all the oil-soluble dirt and make-up. I wet my fingers and massage lightly, then wash off with warm water. Then, I apply the Gentle Herbal Cleanser, massage, and wash it off, then pat dry. That removes all the water-soluble dirt from my face. I spray some Liposomal Toner on the cotton round, wipe my face, making sure no trace of the cleanser is left. Then I use the Toner again, spraying it on my face and spreading a thin layer of hydration all over my face and neck. If I can, I wait a minute to let it absorb before applying an Herbal Vitamin C serum, Firming Antioxidant serum or Hydration emulsion. Serums are perfect to use overnight as they supply my skin with bioactives, leaving it supple and hydrated in the morning. I like to mix a bit of the Blue Hydrating Mask in my fingers with an Anti-Aging Product or a Night cream and apply that as the last step in my routine. Our Blue Hydrating mask has tons of moisturizing ingredients and peptides. The Anti-Aging cream will work on your skin’s mitochondria to keep it healthy. There is no need to wash off your mask and cream mixture! Keep it overnight and wash your face in the morning!

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