September is here which means fall is right around the corner. Fall usually means back to school, cool weather, and pumpkin spice everything. For us it means it’s the perfect opportunity for peels. Whether you like a harsh peel or a microscopic peel we have both treatments for you. Peels are great for any sun damage you might’ve gotten during the summer. Fall and winter months are the best months to peel because these are the months we stay indoors more decreasing our sun exposure and giving our skin a chance to heal. We have amazing lines in the office including Mandel peels, Derma peel, and our newest line Veg out pure peel.  Our Veg out peel contains glycolic and lactic acids, both ingredients gently exfoliate the skin while moisturizing. The purpose of peels are to treat hyperpigmentation, shed dead skin cells, exfoliate, treat acne scars, or balancing oil glands leaving you with beautiful even skin tone. Any questions you may have about chemical peels you can book a FREE consultation.

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