Let us introduce Holistic Women’s Health Coach and our guest blogger Joia Clifford

Hello! I’m Joia. I am a Holistic Women’s Health Coach and owner of Joia Health. My passion is helping women overcome challenges with their hormones and achieve radiant health. After experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance, I was frustrated with the dismissiveness and lack of appealing options presented to me by conventional [...]

Let us introduce Holistic Women’s Health Coach and our guest blogger Joia Clifford2023-01-27T00:51:00-05:00

Healthy Mind Hot Cocoa by Joia Health

We Wish You Happy & Healthy New Year! I made this during the snow storm and it did not disappoint. It has all the nostalgia and sweetness of traditional cocoa with extra mind-body benefits:Raw cacao: high in antioxidants and magnesium, boosts libido and positive moodTurmeric: extremely [...]

Healthy Mind Hot Cocoa by Joia Health2023-01-26T23:20:49-05:00

Summer Blog

Summer is here! We are in the midst of summer and that means beaches, vacations, pools, cookouts and being out in the sun. For most New Englanders that means taking advantage of the 2 ½ months that we have being without the cold weather. With summer comes the sun and [...]

Summer Blog2023-01-22T23:00:26-05:00

Dermaplaning “The Skin Shaving Treatment”

You’re probably wondering what is this skin “shaving” treatment everyone is getting? It’s all over social media. Why are people doing it? Will my hair grow back thicker or darker? I thought the hair on my face was supposed to protect my skin. Well first and foremost dermaplaning is a mechanical [...]

Dermaplaning “The Skin Shaving Treatment”2023-01-22T23:01:37-05:00

Understanding the Fitzpatrick scale. Where do you fall under?

Let us talk melanin! The Fitzpatrick scale is a scale from I-VI based on the amount of pigment in your skin. I am being the lightest and VI being the darkest. As estheticians sometimes our treatments manipulate the skin to create inflammatory responses to produce quick cell turnover. Inflammation is [...]

Understanding the Fitzpatrick scale. Where do you fall under?2023-01-22T23:01:28-05:00

Introducing New Skin Care Line Arboretum

My name is Olga Goldberger, I am a scientist with many years of research experience in the labs in Harvard Medical School. Currently I am lucky to work as a Lab Manager in MGH in the best mitochondrial lab in the world! Arboretum Skincare is geared towards mature skin. However, [...]

Introducing New Skin Care Line Arboretum2023-01-22T23:01:51-05:00

What is LED Light Therapy?

LED Therapy (light emitting diode) also called phototherapy is a treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light energy to target and treat a variety of medical and cosmetic conditions including the appearance of wrinkles, joint and muscle pain, and acne. LED is a noninvasive, painless skin modality with no downtime that [...]

What is LED Light Therapy?2023-01-22T23:01:59-05:00


Smooth Aesthetics was founded by Magda “Megi” Abashidze-Nevins bringing her passion for skin care and nurturing environments together in one special space.

Megi’s in depth skin therapy knowledge began with a medical degree from the country of Georgia, advanced with a License as a Master Aesthetician, and further developed through the past 10 years of working in the Boston area with two highly esteemed plastic surgeons.

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